Scenario - Automation within a Healthcare Setting

A leading player in the healthcare industry needed to deliver a streamlined employee onboarding process with automation. The healthcare industry is characterised by rapid shifts in technology, and as such, keeping up with IT infrastructure can be a challenge. The client was facing difficulties in onboarding approximately 10 new employees every month. They required a cost-effective and efficient solution that would reduce the workload of their operations manager and improve their core business processes. In this case study, we will provide a more in-depth look at the customer's situation and discuss the solution implemented by Cloudatmo.



As mentioned earlier, our client was facing challenges in onboarding new employees. Given the rapidly evolving IT infrastructure in the healthcare industry, the process was becoming increasingly complicated. The operations manager was spending excessive amounts of time onboarding new staff members and addressing missing applications and permissions. This resulted in significant costs to the company in terms of human resources and time. The client needed a cost-effective solution that would streamline the onboarding process, allowing them to focus on their core business processes.


Cloudatmo implemented a robust onboarding automation framework that allowed the customer to seamlessly onboard new employees. The solution ensured that applicants could log in to their devices and access all relevant applications, information, and data without any delay. The framework also automatically managed security, access, and compliance issues. The result was a more seamless onboarding process that significantly reduced the workload of the operations manager.

Cloudatmo's solution enabled the customer to onboard new employees in a more efficient and streamlined manner, saving time and resources in the process. Our solution also delivered cost savings in terms of human resources since staff members could focus on other aspects of the business.


The deployment of Cloudatmo's onboarding automation framework delivered various benefits to our client. The solution allowed the client to onboard new employees in a more efficient and faster way, with all essential requirements automatically managed. The operations manager could now focus on other aspects of the business, such as improving core processes that directly impact the company's bottom line. By reducing the time spent onboarding new staff and addressing permissions and missing applications, the client experienced a significant reduction in operational costs.

Cloudatmo's onboarding automation solution helped our client streamline their onboarding processes, allowing them to focus on core business processes. The solution delivered an optimal outcome for the customer, allowing them to onboard new employees seamlessly while reducing operational costs. The success of this project has highlighted our expertise in delivering robust, cost-effective, and efficient solutions in the healthcare industry. We are confident that our onboarding automation framework will enable many other companies in the industry to save time and money while improving their core business processes.