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The analyse pillar provides your business with tailored IT decisions, recommendations and solutions. This provides valuable insights that informs decision-making processes and allows you to understand the costs associated with your decisions and how it aligns with your strategic business goals. Our analyse pillar allows you to receive:

Cloud Readiness

We work with your team to create a detailed analysis of all your existing systems and applications. This allows us to identify multiple solutions that provide both the costs and key components to transform your business.

Security Assessment

We provide invaluable insights into your business's security by conducting a thorough analysis of your current security posture, pinpointing any vulnerabilities that could potentially compromise your business. This allows you to take pro-active measures to strengthen your business.

Cloud Cost Review

Identify potential cost savings and opportunities within your cloud infrastructure. This valuable insight allows you to align these recommendations with your strategic business goals and reduce unnecessary expenses.


You’ve completed the analysis stage, now it’s time to upskill your IT team and create the framework for operating in the cloud. This is where our train pillar comes into play, equipping your team with the essential knowledge to deploy and manage cloud resources. We work with you to develop both a tailored framework and training plan that meets your specific needs. Empower your team with:

Cloud Training

Unlock the full potential of the cloud with a hands-on training plan into the foundations of using cloud resources. This allows your team to learn the best practices for deploying, managing, and securing cloud resources.

Cloud Framework

An industry backed framework for designing, implementing, and managing cloud resources. We create this tailored framework based on industry best practices, your business requirements, and technical requirements. This framework provides your unique business practices and patterns for all future management and decisions.


By taking the correct steps with Cloudatmo, you can save yourself time, money and downtime by transitioning to the cloud correctly the first time. We create a solid foundation that applies your tailored cloud framework to set you up for a seamless transition into the cloud. Our migrations are designed, planned and tested to ensure that each migration is successful with minimal application downtime. Here’s how it works:

Technical Design
We create in-depth technical designs of each application and system being migrated into the cloud. This allows you to visually see all integrations, dependencies and requirements in advance.
The underlying foundations enforcing the networking, connectivity, security, governance and compliance standards to be used by your business. The foundation applies the underpinning resources for each application being migrated to the cloud and the future growth opportunities.
Migration Plan
We create a unique migration plan for each application, that outlines the specific steps required to migrate the application into the cloud. This allows any potential issues to be addressed and comprehensive tests to be conducted before the live migration.
Our team securely migrates your data and applications into the cloud. We conduct rigorous testing to ensure your application is running smoothly. But it doesn’t end there. We provide support after the migration to address any post-migration challenges that may arise.

We understand the challenges that come with transitioning to the cloud. Without proper planning and management, businesses can face issues such as bill shock, security vulnerabilities and performance issues across applications. The optimise pillar provides management services to help you get the most out of your IT investment. We focus on reducing and tracking your costs, monitoring your overall security, implementing and enforcing compliance policies, and creating best-practice governance practices to ensure your cloud environment is always running smoothly.

How can our optimisations help you:

Cost Management

Cloudatmo has built in tools that monitor the cost of each of your resources and flags cost increases before they become an issue. We track cost changes in all your systems to provide cost insight and trends.


We ensure that your applications have the correct security controls in place to mitigate malicious actors or malware accessing and spreading throughout your business. This provides you the peace of mind that your applications are running in the most secure manor.


By maintaining modern governance practices and patterns, this allows you to easily identify all resources that make up your applications, adhere to compliance policies, and implement governance frameworks for change management.

Management & Monitoring

Our team provisions and configures your new resources that meet your budget, security and governance requirements. Our advanced monitoring system alerts on performance, compliance, security and availability issues that are found.


From troubleshooting to offering advice and cost estimations, our support team provides both reactive and proactive support for any challenges or queries that are faced.