Robust solutions to operate on a national & global levels.

Enterprise businesses typically operate on a national or global level. With significant workforces, extensive IT resources, and complex operations enterprise business face a unique set of challenges that require in-depth planning and thoroughly implemented solutions.

Cloudatmo understands that managing IT systems at this scale requires extensive testing and robust solutions. With multiple vendors implementing projects, internal teams making changes and day-to-day troubleshooting being conducted, having the correct overarching management for security, compliance, cost, and control is vital for the business’s obligations.


Charles has built his business from the ground up and is now managing teams all across the globe. After conducting an audit of their systems in the US, Charles has decided that they do not want to invest upfront capital into purchasing new hardware and would prefer to leverage cloud solutions.

Cloudatmo can provide end-to-end solutions from designing how each application would be migrated to the cloud, implementing the migration strategy and managing these cloud systems to ensure optimal performance and scalability.

Lucy is the CIO of a large business tasked with getting their current IT expenditure under control. For the last four years their IT budget has been exceeded with their cloud services and she is unable to see why.

Cloudatmo has built in tools that provide a visual representation of each application running in the cloud with a breakdown of their daily cost. This allows enterprise businesses to visually see price increases and the total cost of environments and applications on a granular basis.

Sasha has just taken a new CEO role with an enterprise business with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Sasha must ensure that all business devices are secure, always have the latest line-of-business applications installed and if found to not be in compliant with the business compliance policy, should restrict all access to company data.

Cloudatmo can facilitate the modernisation activities for management of all devices from a central dashboard. This will allow Sasha to implement security, application, compliance, and update policies to all devices in the business and leverage in-built reporting to target non-compliant devices and successful implementations.


Exceeding a given IT budget is one of the most common challenges enterprise businesses face. By working with Cloudatmo you can leverage systems that track the billing of all your cloud applications to provide you with cost breakdowns on an environment, specific application or even the costs of a certain day. This provides valuable insights to inform decision-making processes and align your IT expenses to your budget.

Cloudatmo also monitors these costs and trends and is alerted on cost spikes for investigation. This allows any potential problems to be mitigated, avoiding IT bill shock.

Managing multiple devices in one office can be challenging. But managing multiple devices across multiple locations can become overwhelming. Cloudatmo helps enterprises leverage native cloud solutions to manage all their devices, servers, and applications from a central management location. This allows enterprises to manage services such as application deployments, security and compliance policies, update policies, access control, device enrolments, encryption, firewalls, and endpoint responses.

With enterprise businesses currently being targeted by malicious actors, it is imperative that all IT systems and applications have the highest security standards. Ensuring that compliance frameworks are followed, industry-specific regulatory requirements are integrated, and extensive governance solutions are implemented for resource control, the overall management of enterprise systems requires advanced skillsets and effective monitoring solutions.

Cloudatmo provides comprehensive governance capabilities ensuring the management and control of each resource to enforce policies, permissions and controls across the cloud systems. Our proactive monitoring system alerts on potential security and compliance violations ensuring adherence to organisational standards, regulatory requirements and strong security practices.

When deploying or changing applications within an enterprise business, there are multiple teams that need to be both notified and consulted. Ensuring that applications are globally accessible but also risk-free from cyber attacks can take months of planning and require unique resources. Cloudatmo can provide the insight into costings, the application architecture in the cloud, the services required across multiple regions and even the implementation of these applications into the cloud. This gives enterprises a trusted team from the design phase through to the management phase when making large scale changes.

Enterprise businesses require a high level of personalised support and dedicated account management. Cloudatmo assigns a team of experienced professionals who work closely with enterprise clients to understand their unique requirements, provide guidance, and ensure rapid ongoing support. The dedicated account management approach allows enterprises to have a trusted partner who understands their business goals and provides tailored solutions and assistance throughout their cloud journey.