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With cloud services changing every day, having the expertise to manage and secure your Microsoft environment can become a struggle. With IT teams often juggling multiple projects and support requests, staying up to date with the latest Azure services can become a complex and time-consuming process. At Cloudatmo, we understand these struggles and work alongside your team to simplify cloud management. We work with your team every step of the way from Azure migration to management allowing your team to confidentially leverage the power of Azure and drive innovation within the business. 

Is your I.T team struggling with the management and security of your Microsoft Environment?
Multiple Projects?
Support Requests?
Staying Up to Date?


End-to-End Support
Experience a seamless transition to the cloud with our comprehensive end-to-end support. Cloudatmo provides expert assistance in migrating your business applications and resources into the Microsoft Azure environment. Our team will handle the entire process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition. We then manage your applications in the cloud as if they were our own, ensuring they are secure and running cost efficiently. We work with your team as you expand into the cloud, providing knowledge around specific services and how to leverage best practices from Microsoft.
Governance & Cost Control
We help you take charge of your cloud environment and optimise costs with our governance and cost control solutions. Cloudatmo offers a robust framework to monitor and manage Microsoft Azure cloud platform. We proactively monitor costs, identify areas of improvement, and provide recommendations to achieve optimal resource utilisation to put more money back in your pocket. Gain complete control over your cloud expenditure while maximising your return on investment. 
Security & Compliance
Protect your valuable data and ensure compliance with our advanced security and compliance measures. Cloudatmo employs industry-leading security controls to safeguard your resources from malicious actors and potential threats. We implement segregation, least privileged access, and native cloud security controls to fortify your environment. Rest easy knowing that your business is shielded against unauthorised access and potential data breaches. 
Proactive Assurance

Stay ahead of potential issues and maximise operational efficiency with our proactive assurance services. Cloudatmo ensures the continuous health and performance of your resources by identifying and addressing potential concerns before they impact your services. From backups and disaster recovery to security policies and cost recommendations, our team diligently monitors and maintains your cloud infrastructure, providing you with peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your core business. 

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